Asbestos Abatement

Management, Control, Abatement & Removal

On and offshore industrial asbestos management, control, abatement & removal is a vital process for the majority of ageing industrial process and production facilities in the UK.


Brand are a fully HSE licenced asbestos removal and ancillary works provider who can ensure you are complying with the latest HSE process, recording and certification requirements.

Our specialist in-house asbestos management and removal teams are fully trained to safeguard your employees and other sub-contractors on the facility from the dangers of this material.


From surveys, inspection and planning through to complete monitoring and management of the specific project requirements. Brand can work with you to provide the access (scaffolding) to the area, encapsulation of the contamination zone and the removal of the asbestos itself – all from one supplier.

This package is available either as an extension to our Scaffolding, Insulation & Painting (SIPs) contract packages for ongoing maintenance programmes, turnarounds, shutdowns and outages – or as a standalone service.

The industrial asbestos solution from Brand also complements our corrosion under insulation (CUI) support service in addition to our specialist decommissioning and late-life extension service teams.


The literature & materials on this website are in accordance with UK norms, rules and standards.

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