Mast Climbing Work Platforms (MASTCLIMBERS)

Transported directly to the ideal working height

Mast Climbing Work Platforms (MASTCLIMBERS™) in addition to personnel and material transport hoists can all offer specific advantages over more traditional access systems for projects of all types.

Features and Benefits

Brand's design teams will work with you to devise an access arrangement that is practical, cost-effective and highly efficient, drawing from our entire range of powered and non-powered access systems.

MASTCLIMBERS and hoists are quick to set-up or install and allow personnel, tools and materials to be transported quickly to the ideal working level. They create minimal obstruction above or below the access platform and leave the work face clear for other operations.

Brand provide IPAF trained operatives with powered access operating experience and qualifications.

Our mechanical systems have been employed on some of the most challenging industrial access projects. It is here that our designers’ skills and experience are most clearly demonstrated:

  • Irregular building profiles
  • Inclined elevations
  • Overhangs and confined spaces
  • Obstructions or restrictions at ground level
  • Complex industrial plant
  • Specialist applications such as shipbuilding, glass installation and electricity line crossings

Proud member of IPAF

We have been a proud member of IPAF (the international powered access federation) for over 25 years and are constantly striving to help the industry improve its health, safety and operating record.

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