HelWin Beta North Sea

Project facts

Description HelWin Beta
Client Heerema Fabrication Group (HFG)
Challenge Short turnaround time offshore works

Siemens/Tennet engaged Heerema Fabrication Group to build the enormous HVDC convertor platform “HelWin Beta”. BRAND provided access services for both construction and offshore work.

The “HelWin Beta” is a 690 MW transformer station measuring 98 x 42 x 28 m. This huge station is destined for the Amrumbank West wind farm in the eastern North Sea off the German coast, and will be supplying electricity directly to around 700,000 German households.

BRAND provided the scaffolding construction to build the convertor platform at the yard in Zwijndrecht. To install a few final structural elements like the crane, the HelWin Beta was moved to Schiedam. The top side was put on the jacket in mid-July by Heerema’s Thialf, one of the largest crane vessels in the world.

Hookup phase
BRAND started work on preparations to assist with the hookup phase of the project in April. Before offshore work began in August, a number of scaffolding platforms had to be built at the Heerema yard to expedite this work.

For the purposes of the offshore work, suspended scaffolding was built around the bridge (to the HelWin Alpha), with scaffolding from the legs to the jacket and a great deal of scaffolding in and on the platform. Around 200 t of scaffolding was used during the hookup phase. BRAND UK’s services were also used to top up the workforce (20 men back to back).

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