2010-04-12 Harsco obtains VCA-P

Harsco Infrastructure, as one of the first organizations in the industry, obtained the Petrochemical 2008/05 certificate VCA, VCA-P for short.

The VCA-P is focussed on direct control of SHE aspects in the petrochemical industry during work at the workplace, the HSE structure and specific additional requirements. At VCA-P 43 must-questions and two of the four supplementary questions have a positive result. For decades Harsco is a renowned partner for the industry, regarding insulation, scaffolding, fireproofing and tracing.

Because safe working conditions for petrochemicals in the Netherlands are essential, this industry in 2008 developed a certifiable standard for practical and safety hazards in work performance. The standard focuses on safety in the workplace and the security structures within the organization. VCA Petrochemical is focused on the direct control of safety, health and environment (SHE) while working, on SHE policy and organization, improve management and specific additional requirements such as supply chain accountability, securing the SCC requirements for subcontracting, structured selection and evaluation of subcontractors, behavioral programs, and risk recognition by Last Minute Risk Analysis (LMRA) and Start Work Analysis. VCA-P is designed for businesses or parts thereof that perform work in petrochemical plants.

Harsco has a policy of high security. Harsco is constantly working on safety awareness and training to work safely and effectively in all circumstances.

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