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Our Preventive Maintenance Programme (PMP) solutions are based on a multidisciplinary approach to maintenance for wellhead, compression, production and satellite platforms. We pre-fabricate insulation materials and supply site-specific scaffolding systems based on minimal components for ease of erection.

Offshore Expertise

Offshore oil and gas production is an ongoing operation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in some of the world’s most hostile environments. Hundreds of specially trained Brand operatives support some of the world’s most renowned clients in this field, ensuring that your operations continue safely, smoothly and with minimum costly downtime.


To optimise labour costs on offshore platforms, our operatives are multifunctional - besides their expertise in scaffolding and insulating, they are qualified professionals in painting, welding, tracing and rope access. 

Our employees provide many multidisciplinary solutions for the maintenance of wellhead, helicopter, production and helicopter platforms. In addition, the team consists of fitters who can be deployed as Helicopter Landing Officer, Helideck Assistant, Banksman, crane operator or as a helmsman of freefall lifeboats.

In offshore emergencies, it is vital that staff are appropriately trained to take immediate action to ensure the security of all crews as well as the plant. All our operatives are therefore required to complete specific offshore training programmes, including courses in first aid and firefighting.

Logistical planning is equally crucial to cost-effective work on offshore platforms. We bring considerable experience in devising expert, site-specific logistics, including scheduling of flights to platforms, to ensure the smooth implementation of solutions that are thoroughly safe and make a positive impact on lead time.

Save Time. Save Cost.

Because a Brand engineer has mastered multiple disciplines, customers can be offered a multi-skills program: the HoTT 2.0 concept. This approach has many advantages over the traditional method where every engineer specializes in just one discipline. The same Brand technician who assembles a scaffold can then also be used for insulation work, for example. By using the multidisciplinary approach, a smaller team is sufficient compared to the traditional method. This has many efficiency benefits, such as a reduction in helicopter costs and lower accommodation costs.


In 2019, Brand joined an Aberdeen-based consortium of three contractors including Ponticelli UK, Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services, and Semco Maritime, in a bid to secure major new offshore projects in the North Sea and beyond. 

PBS was formed to consolidate our vast experience, expertise and knowledge in the energy sector. Enabling us to explore a new innovative and efficient way of working, providing huge benefits for our clients.

Bringing together these three companies with specialist capabilities provides the benefit of our collective knowledge and experience from within the wider Ponticelli UK, Brand and Semco business units.

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