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Brand can offer a vast portfolio of services for renewable energy projects ranging from the supply of manpower to a complete turnkey solution that includes pre-survey evaluation, technical support, project management and full site execution services.


We have a dedicated team of industry experts and experienced engineers (Specialist Technical Advisory Group) who are tasked with generating new innovations and identifying best practice across our operations and the wider industry.

This combination of experience, expertise and high quality product offering means that our experts have the specific knowledge to resolve the most complex technical challenges efficiently and effectively. We have many examples of exceptional results delivered to our customers across our operations.


  • Manpower Service Supply
  • Integrity Inspection
  • Statutory Inspection
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Cathodic Protection Services
  • Blade Inspection / Repair
  • Rope / Specialist Access
  • Scaffolding
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Substation Maintenance
  • Vessel / Logistic Support Services
  • Technical Support

We have a network of European locations strategically situated to ensure a rapid response time.

Wind Turbine Inspection and Maintenance

Brand can relieve you of both blade inspection, maintenance and repair - keeping the rotor blades of your wind turbines in top condition. Both onshore and offshore! 

We have many years experience in the field of rope access, an access technique which is very efficient and extremely suitable for work on wind turbines. We work exclusively with inspection professionals who are VCA, IRATA and GWO certified.

In addition, Power Climber Wind is part of the global BrandSafway organization. Power Climber Wind is a market leader in powered access for the wind energy industry: service lifts, hoists, work platforms, blade access platforms, climbing aids and other access tools for wind turbines.

Rotor Blade Inspection / Blade Inspection

After assignment we will schedule an appointment with you to inspect the rotor blades of your wind turbine. After the inspection is completed you will receive an extensive visual inspection report with photos and a damage analysis. Including conclusions, recommendations and a cost estimate for any additional work or repair work on your wind turbine.

Inspection of rotor blades includes checking:

  • Rusting
  • Holes and porosity
  • Cracking
  • Peeling coating
  • Erosion damage
  • Cutting edge (leading edge) damage
  • Dirt and adhesions
  • Aerodynamics & flow elements (such as stall strips, vortex generators, serration strips, etc.)
  • Checking / unblocking drainage hole / Drainage hole

Additionally for older type of rotor blades (stall blades):

  • Operation of tip mechanism, tip cable tip cones and tip case
  • Adjust tip mechanism
  • Replacement of tip cones (stall blades)
  • Check for tip hatch and tip mechanism seal
  • Control & measurement of lightning protection system
  • Inside of rotor blade (visually, when possible)

Rotor Blade Installation, Maintenance & Repair / Blade Repair

Damages to the rotor blades of your wind turbine can be repaired by Brand. The replacement and installation of complete blades is also possible.

The blade repair work includes (coating and composite):

  • Damage expertise and consultancy
  • Both polyester and epoxy sheets
  • Surface damage repairs
  • Wear and erosion damage repairs (cutting edge / leading edge solutions)
  • Complete paint systems for the entire surface
  • Repair holes and tears
  • Repair breaks and cracks
  • Correct production errors
  • Complex delamination
  • Lightning damage repairs  
  • Complex major damages  
  • Installation of Aerodynamics & flow elements such as stall strips, vortex generators, serration strips, etc.

Sheet and technique:

  • Replacement tip receptors lightning protection system
  • Tip mechanism adjustment
  • Tip flange repairs
  • Retrofit tip flange and tip mechanism
  • Replace tip cable
  • Make retrofit & replace parts
  • Installation of blade optimization, or flow elements (aerodynamics) such as stall strips, vortex generators and noise-reducing knurled edges / serration (serration strips)


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